Three Packs Of Parallel Import Car Regulations Will Be Published

Parallel import cars from China Development Forum was informed that the parallel import cars before the end of June this year the implementation details will be published.

National Commission on certification and accreditation administration Wang Kun, Director of certification at the Forum to explain about the parallel importation of motor vehicles issues of the reform of the compulsory product certification, and said at the end of June this year would be released as soon as possible a parallel guide certification organisations implementing rules for the import cars, and published one of the first certification of parallel import car companies as soon as possible.

Wang Kun, along with the opening of parallel import car policy and promote and pilot with the expansion of free trade area including the FTA pilot enterprises expand and expand. In addition, the CNCA will be issued the appropriate policies and measures, facilitate mergers among enterprises, encouraging enterprises to develop complementary cooperation, parallel import cars "three packs of" after sales of the recalled.

By the end of 2015, national certification and accreditation Administration Commission issued parallel to the CNCA on the FTA CCC certification announcement of reform measures on imported cars. According to the bulletin, from January 1, 2016, the parallel imports within the free trade area auto pilot business enterprise, has been established to improve the "three guarantees" and recall system under CCC certification applications, the relevant requirements can be relaxed to provide original documents.

It is understood that, as of April this year, parallel to the control of vehicle amount via Tianjin Port has accounted for 83% of the country, Tianjin new area has 35 parallel import car pilot enterprise platform is approved, the total number close to half the country's parallel import cars.