Fake Mitsubishi Models Sold In China Who Will Protect The Interests Of Consumers?

In recent times, Mitsubishi Nissan reported fuel consumption problem Mitsubishi a fatal blow to the weak, in the face of falling stock prices, a huge claim will soon embark on bankruptcy of Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan by "Whistleblowers" to "rescue", acquire stakes in Mitsubishi's largest shareholder, wonderful comparable to any of the commercial television.

Author notes that Mitsubishi Motors in addition to the tamper data exists on the micro-car fuel efficiency test issue, including the Pajero sport utility vehicle and Lancer Sedan about 10 models are not in accordance with the Japan domestic fuel efficiency test method under test, but with the United States implementation of running testing, access to air resistance and tire data and report, sold more than 2 million of the vehicles involved. I care about selling SUV Pajero Lancer Sedan in China for many years since those involved, whether the Chinese consumer rights can be respected.

In recent years, more than car enterprises had mired in fuel economic sex and emissions fraud scandal, from 2011 modern and Kia was exposure in United States for fuel economic sex fraud, Ford also in 2013 and 2014 cut has mixed power car fuel economic sex label value, last year Germany mass car in diesel car exhaust emissions test in the cheat, no a are is shocked world of things, and are in China zhiwai of national was found and for punishment.

Turning to China, because the cars of regulatory supervision is far from Europe and strict, the current emphasis is still placed on monitoring of industrial pollution such as emissions, in terms of fuel consumption fraud largely turn a blind eye. Even 2014 media exposed a number of domestic companies in collective false event on fuel consumption data by the Ministry, the final result is nothing, the current fuel consumption data and the actual usage by the Ministry is far.

From Mitsubishi was revealed fuel fraud questions nearly a month, regulators in the China's general administration of quality supervision and other departments have no position on this matter. GAC Mitsubishi Du Zhijian, Deputy General Manager of the media says, waiting for investigation results of Mitsubishi Motors, this matter has yet to affect sales of the Mitsubishi brand in China. Really no effect?

According to foreign reports, Mitsubishi Motor April new-car sales in China fell to 4,520, compared to significantly reduce 36.5%. For 13 consecutive months of declines. And about 100,000 vehicles a month in large gaps in the Toyota and Nissan, Mitsubishi sold a serious downturn. Due to Mitsubishi Motors in Japan was revealed fuel efficiency data fraud, for future sales situation is likely worse.