Dealer Group Performance Marked Decline In New Business Profit Increased

Recently, the China Automobile Dealers Association said April 2016 dealer inventory early warning index of 57.9%, in the line above, the last September, Chinese auto dealer inventory alert index 8 months is higher than 50%. "Grim than you might think. "Big car Chairman Pang Qinghua complains in a media interview have been issued, also hit the auto dealers survive the difficult situation now.

Recently, the China Automobile Dealers Association released the annual report listed car dealership group in 2015 analysis also showed that listed car dealership group in 2015, many enterprises the main business indicators fell, still in the process of transformation and upgrading. However, the dealer group in exploring new modes, new business, and also many highlights.

Overall Group profit down

As the industry leader in automobile dealers listed car dealership group's business performance and development has a good representation. The China Automobile Dealers Association released the report covering 15 main listed car dealership group, from the operation, profit, profitability of the listed dealership groups were analyzed.

Reports indicate that in 2015, 15 listed dealership groups covered by the report, there are 6 companies total revenue growth, other companies are varying degrees drop. Statistics within the enterprises realized a total business income of 439.8 billion yuan during the year, falling from 2014 5.32%. The listed car dealership group net profit also fell, the overall downward trend. According to statistics, 17.07% drop in net profit from a year earlier, the average of 13 companies, except Asia and summer cars, large cars, guanghui car net profit growth from a year earlier, remaining businesses declined or were flat with a year ago, some enterprises fell by more than 50%.