Chaos Tufted Price Car Repair Auto Repair Industry Spend 10 Times

As China's car ownership increased, the vehicle maintenance trade also developed rapidly. However, in the face of more than more than 20,000 auto parts, vehicle maintenance and repair service still exists overall quality is not high, opaque pricing and other issues. Surveys indicate, price maintenance, in different places to spend a maximum difference of 10 times as much. Spare parts price difference is huge, for many car owners, have been a major pain point in vehicle maintenance.

4S shop: zero up to a maximum of 12 times

The Beijing newspaper survey found that consumers are "cars afford to keep up" became widespread, many consumers reflect the pricing of auto 4S shop repair parts are too expensive, tens of thousands of Yuan. A survey by the Insurance Association of China also showed, sells cars in China "zero" significantly higher than international market, one car is zero than at 1200%. In other words, add all parts of car retail price, you can purchase 12 new cars.

In a luxury brands 4S shop, Beijing business today reporter saw about 3000 replacement battery charge light work fee of 400 Yuan and monopoly in a battery shop, same battery less than 1000 Yuan.

It is understood that, as specified by the OEM suppliers, most of its production of accessories supplied three channels, one for the OEM vehicle production, two for 4S shop repair parts supply, three authorized dealers supply accessories for yourself. That is different to the original gap in the market, but the price is reasonable?

In fact, the consumer high prices for spare parts for 4S shop preyed on. Insiders revealed that the original into the auto parts market, is made up of parts and accessories factory direct supplier. These spare parts distributor-agent, second-level agents, and so on. According to the different parts, each grade level on the profit margin is about between 10%-20%. In batteries, for example, because the car manufacturers do not produce their own batteries, and all with the OEM's way. Some brands even the OEM province, component suppliers producing battery placed directly into their own vehicle. "Enter the 4S shop battery space will not say exactly how many profits. "The insiders said.

According to investigative journalism, entering the 4S shop OEM parts are spare parts for parts suppliers to OEMs, and cooperation around the spare men to spare parts, spare parts distribution to the 4S shops throughout. Also, delisting or stock cars must leave enough spare parts for at least five years for up to ten years. For auto city dealer, hand over hundreds of thousands of accessories and finally sold is quite normal. 4S shop for supply of original parts, much of the cost is borne by the host plant to its inventory, some OEMs still have ten years ago, car accessories, has retired, these accessories are not only takes the cost of OEM's, and OEM spare parts for new models to pay storage costs.