It should be noted that in spring and summer maintenance

Spring and summer season, promptly after the rain washing the car, poop, gum was the paint's greatest enemy. Car beauty expert tips, special needs attention to acid rain during the rainy season, bird droppings, gum and iron powder of these cars "skin" killer "corrosion of paint.

1, the most subtle---acid rain

Acid rain acid rain zone in Beijing, has the names of cities "blacklist". In August 2006, 80% rains in Beijing are "acid rain". Acid rain is a PH value below 5.6 rain or snow, react with the paint, decorative effect and to reduce paint protection, paint tart even covered with small spots.

2, the most disturbing---bird droppings

More than beautiful, if only every other day to deal with the bird droppings on the paint, paint may be corroded by strong acidic guano into a pit. Friends of the coating can reduce bird droppings, gently wipe bird droppings can be removed, will not attack the paint.

3, the most solid offensive---iron powder

Fill the air with a large invisible metal dust. When the bus is moving, iron in the presence of inertia directly into the paint surface; and when iron oxide, the rapid corrosion of lead paint from the inside out, is a real solid attack.

4, the most easily overlooked---gum

Beware of vehicles parked under a tree gum threat. Gum as transparent colorless, careless car owners hard to find. Frozen gum can cause paint pits, which can also cause cracks.