ar maintenance tips cleaning caution too often hurt paint polishing

All car owners want their car to open longer, reducing maintenance costs. To do this, scientific conservation must learn to love the car. But in some situations often occur in car maintenance, and vehicle maintenance, actually backfire damaged cars, some of which could damage the lacquer layer, lead paint peeling off and rust. See the following errors to the conservation law, motorists can take it personally and see if you also have this kind of misconduct.

Car wash under the Sun hurt car paint

Many owners like washing the car in the hot sun, so soon after the car wash water to dry. In fact, car washing in the hot sun, water droplets formed by the convex lens effect will be that the top layer of paint to produce high temperature phenomena over time, the paint will tarnish. If waxing at this time, or are likely to cause the body color is not uniform. So, car washing and waxing is best in sheltered conditions, if no guarantee, it is better to choose in the cloudy or sunny morning, in the evening.

Car wash like bath loss of air conditioning

In weather temperatures, dust increases, the body easily, the owners also increased the frequency of car wash, car wash so many car owners also hope to make like to wash myself thoroughly. But to note here is, be sure to keep your auto air conditioning looks dry, if a car air conditioner was accidentally get wet, will affect its life.

Washing too often hurt the paint carefully polished and beauty

Normal fine, generally not very dirty case, 5-8 wash, 1-2 days once, then your car paint only 50%. Rain, snow car wash in a timely manner to prevent corrosion. Polishing itself wound paint and beauty where the formal election to do shop beauty = disfigurement.

Permanent deformation bolts too tight

Fasteners are joined using bolt and nut on a car lot, should ensure that they have enough preload, but do not screw too tight. If the screw too tight, on the one hand would allow permanent deformation of joints under external force; the other hand will make the bolt elongation, or even sliding buckle or broken phenomenon.